Meteorite Men™ Collection      $1,795

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Way back (2010, 2011) when the Meteorite Men™ TV series was bursting onto the scene, all of the meteorite afficionados in the Tucson area gathered at the Sky Bar to view the latest episode. It was the coolest thing ever!

At the 2011 Tucson Gem and Mineral Show, Michael Blood held his usual dealers-only meteorite auction. There was much anticipation as the auction worked its way to Lot 93, entered by Geoff Notkin of the Meteorite Men™. Bidding was furious for the elsewhere-unobtainable MetMen memorabilia, 4 genuine meteorite specimens from the TV show, and, most importantly, Geoff's episode-used pick.

On 22 June 2022, Heritage Auctions conducted the "Meteorites from the Geoff Notkin Collection" sale.

To the right is Lot 72073 from that auction, consisting of a pick and a hand compass.

The lot sold for $2,125

Tucson Meteorites is now offering for sale the MetMen Collection*
from the Michael Blood 2011 TGMS Meteorite Auction.

* The collection purchased at Mr. Blood's auction is substantially intact and somewhat enhanced:
Missing from the original collection is the promotional poster and the drinks coaster, lost when an entire Meteorite beer (not joking) was spilled on it.

Added to the original collection is a pristine issue (vol 1, no 3) of "Meteorite! Hunting and Collecting" magazine, featuring the Meteorite Men™.

Below are photos of the collection as it currently exists with closeups of the meteorite specimens.

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